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Internet was born in the United States in the early 1970s.

The spirit of the pioneers of Internet was to create a community where each can express itself and based on transparent practices .

This spirit continues, but some voices rise to dispute the universal nature of the infrastructure, since the revelations about the NSA surveillance program by the affair Snowden.

The Snowden affair was a shock at the world level. In Montevideo, in October, 2013, the technical bodies that govern Internet, showed their disapproval of American methods. Their statement was a first because they spoke with one voice: IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), W3C (The World Wide Web CConsortium), ICANN, IANA, Internet Society and 4 regional managers IP addresses.

It should be recalled that the organization that manages network resources (IP addresses and domain names) called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is under the control of the US Department of Commerce. So, for other countries it is under the direct control of the United States.

ICANN wants to move away to become a truly global authority.The debate is now on the issue of Internet governance.

Following Montevideo, ICANN and IANA component  got closer to Brazil, become the spearhead of criticism of the US model. This criticism of US control of Internet is not new, and already in 2012 in Dubai, we had noticed during the summit of the International Telecommunication Union, the will of national ownership of Internet to the big emerging countries, Russia, China and Emirates in head.

The new regulation of telecommunications in Dubai had been signed by 89 countries other than European countries. They believe it allows a grip of Internet by non-democratic countries.

Net mundial meeting held in 2014 in Brazil, has not brought real progress.

The question "which Internet do we want ?" is on the agenda more than ever.That is why we aim at a brainstorming to make a better internet.

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