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Different types of web development

For many outside the field of web development, it is not commonly known that there are several different types of web developers that exist. Within the developer world, we literally have dozens of titles that distinguish us from the rest based on our skill set and what we can create with it. Overall, web developers can be summed up into three general types with each one fulfilling a unique need in the process of creating websites for the whole world to see.

The Front-End Developer

The front-end magento developer is responsible for creating the look, feel, and interactive components of a website. They are often mistaken as the only role in web development as well as confused with the role of a web designer. How text, images, and colours are displayed on a website when you view them on a phone, tablet, or computer is what the front-end developer creates. Ever see a button change colour when you hover over it or a popup appear when you click on something on a page? That’s what the front-end developer creates. They make sure everything you see is organized, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

The Back-End Developer

The back-end developer has one of the most crucial roles in web development. They create and maintain what’s under the hood to keep your website running and functioning properly. A back-end developer writes what is called server-side code to make sure data flows back and forth from a website’s front-end (what the user sees and interacts with) to the back-end (the server, database etc.). The best example of this would be an online store. Prices and product images are stored on a database hosted on a server. When it comes time to update prices or initiate an automated holiday sale, product information and prices are updated on the database which then displays on the website. When you checkout and process a transaction, all that works because the back-end developer made it so. They write the code that makes all those easy to use (most of the time) functions possible.

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