Think small

Discover new ways of conducting video conferencing

To do a video conferencing is not a game boy, you have to be sure than everybody will interest on your subject. If we talk about Augmented Reality, this subject is interesting and so famous now.

In the organization of our video conferences

We have to prepare it and think about fees, because people who assist the conferences are so far. That is why make it online is the best way. We can share documents online a few days before the date of the conferences. In that way, our assistant will be able to analyze about this project and making already a list of questions. But the important one is getting materials of video conferences.

What is the video conference equipment?

A video conferencing is a communication video with another person. We need a big screen. The audio system will be in his right place, because everyone has to hear what it says. We need cameras and webcam if necessary, and no makes a video during this conference. All the mics will be worked for every question and participations. And a high-technology innovation to be able to manage this conference with the best communication is a smart glass.

About this last tool, the conference will be at home and passing directly online, the best product of AMA XpertEye will be able to give successful for this conference. And the advantage of smart glasses is easy to use, and no need to move to assist for a conference.

Smart glass in the world

We can get a collection of smart glass, because they are sold like a bread. But the best way to explain you about this tool, we have to assist for a video conferencing. Don’t forget to download all program software to make things in the best order. Don’t hesitate to give a break and to return in a few minutes. The language will not be the same and be ready to solve it.

We have many ways to do it now, because the internet is on our finger. So good luck for your first video conferencing!

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