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Do you need a PHP certification to become a developer ?

Many people wonder how to become a real php developers and what is this profession. Become a web developer does not require a specific degree. This is what makes its advantage but also its disadvantage. Indeed, anyone can become a developer without necessarily making studies in this field. However, this is an area where skills take precedence.

There are several courses allow you to acquire the basics of this business. Sites also make you enjoy their courses, their exercises, their tutorials to get you started or improve your skills in the field. Web development you do not necessarily need to be good in mathematics. Just to have a very logical mind to succeed. This will then allow you to quickly find the appropriate solutions to your problems by visualizing in your head the way to go towards the solution in question. If you do not have this logic, finding the right solution for your concern will take time. You must also have knowledge of English.

Start as a freelance

Being freelance developer means freelancing. That is, you are the one to manage your business, research your contracts for the realization of your own projects. Then you must find your own customers while managing your time to carry out the tasks entrusted to you. Then you must love the contact with people in order to freelancing.

At the legal level, you have the choice between SARL, EURL and entrepreneur. The latter is best advised. You can thereafter consult an accountant and find a status that best meet your business volume.

The only rule is that you only earn money when you work. If you then take holiday weeks, you will not receive anything. You should also take account of the significant fluctuations in revenues. Indeed, it may be that you do not have a fixed income by working as a freelance especially as you work with the contract. Then you must have something to collect all these fluctuations.

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