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How can you become a ROR developer ?

In the computer world, some skills are rarer than others. Take the example of Ruby developer : profile is highly sought after by companies, but few candidates with the right skills. Yet the Ruby developer is an occupation particularly popular in recent years in computer science.

How does one recognize a Ruby developer ?

What distinguishes ror developers of other programmers is their favorite language : the Ruby. This language with its easy to understand syntax is particularly pleasant to use for developers. In everyday life, the Ruby developer thus uses this language in an open source framework: Ruby on rails more often. The aim is to develop web applications according to the specifications established by the web project manager. But its mission does not stop there: it is also present during the test phases and it is not uncommon having to fix bugs and other technical problems on the application he developed.

The skills of the Ruby developer

The essential skill to have for this position is of course the ability to know how to code in Ruby and namely using the open source Ruby on Rails framework. But of course, its technical skills should not stop there: it also needs to know HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery or the Agile methods.

The formation of this programmer

Although this programming language is highly appreciated and used by large companies, there is no training to become a Ruby developer. The simplest is to study in the computer (university, engineering school, computer school) to acquire a good basis of programming languages ​​and to train oneself to Ruby with online tutorials. You should know that the Ruby community is very active on the Internet, so you'll have no trouble finding help if you find yourself facing a problem to code in Ruby.

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