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How Virtual is becoming the new reality

Because we evaluate, and our society too. There is a big difference between five years before and nowadays. The truth is that we are free in every space life. And it is so curious to imagine our life ten years later, but we are here now and we explore our knowledge.

The meaning of virtual reality

A virtual reality is this vision that you see and feel when you put a smart glass. Virtual reality is the best technology for communication and is the source of a new inspiration. In this world, our psychology becomes essential, and it’s occupying our point of view, and most of our time is a fantasy world. Our every day’s situations are no longer satisfied with a simple reality like the GPS reveals the map, our apps to decrypt what we listen to, and to buy also, all we planned to do inform us the reality and even about the latest news in the word, we can see on reality vision. But for this time, technical progress allows us to push the experience in the point that we are losing ourselves in a world without a fixed reality. And it is time to discover how this feelings will bring us longer.

Your virtual contact

The truth is that once that we immersed in virtual reality, we risk to be influenced without knowing why. What you see on your side is not necessarily the same as at the other feeling. If you are engaging in a virtual reality conversation, facial features, expressions, gestures, body image, and more can be changed by the software without your knowing anything about it. But we all know that the works are multiplying and we will see that our society will progress in the right way. Each movement of our brain becomes an exploration and works in virtual reality as our real life. Every person that tested will not come in his real life when he takes off the VR and he will say that this experience is so amazing.

VR presents many advantages but we need time to domesticate these new technologies and in the right way.

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