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Is magento really open source ?

It is clear that the creation of websites is an important and necessary step to interact with the web world. Most everyone is online now, which perfectly explains the utility of the website in order to attract these potential customers. Yet the creation of the site is not the most recurring problem since the management of sites created will also be another concern. Fortunately, there are tools like Magento to manage these perfectly-commercial sites.

Magento: a management tool

Specifically, Magento is a software that will help manage the content of e-commerce sites. You should know that the magento developers have made sure that this software is accessible to all thanks to two licenses. Of course, there is full and paid license or EE (Enterprise Edition). This version of magento offer comprehensive capabilities including technical assistance as well as hosting the site through an annual subscription. The second version is open source and free for all to use this software easily. It goes without saying that this second type is not as complete as the first, but still provide flawless results. It is therefore the appropriate tool for any medium to large-scale project management.

The advantages of Magento

This software is the most used and most suitable for content management of ecommerce sites and this is easily explained through its many benefits. Above all, it will be noted that Magento is a multi-boutique management software. Clearly, we can manage all e-commerce sites through a single admin interface. so we can manage all sites or manage one by one. It goes without saying that this will be very extensive and management at all levels for all sites. This management will catalog price to the management of promotions and products. We therefore expect to see more of sheets developed through the use of Magento whether at affiliated pictures to the page or in the information that we can add to it.

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