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Is this safe to change your website domaine in https ?

HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure is simply a protocol internet communication of protecting the integrity but also the data confidentiality visitors during the transfer of information between the website and the computer of the latter. This protocol then implies the use of an SSL certificate. It is the strength of this certificate which will then allow activation of the padlock and the HTTPS protocol in all browsers for the assurance of a secure connection of users.

Many certificates levels currently exist. The first is the standard HTTPS certificate with the indication of the display and the padlock in the address bar. The second allows more of them to display the legal name of the company. To change your domain name in HTTPS, you can use a php development company.

The advantages of this protocol

There are many benefits that can be protocol to your website.  Moreover, it allows you to have a better positioning in the Google search engine. Indeed, the latter the protocol as a signal positive for its classification although it can only be a simple indicator among others.

Secure your site using the HTTPS protocol is also an essential element of reassurance to users especially if they conduct online orders. A wide variety of solutions also exist for e-shopping sites.

How to do it?

For that your site can then benefit HTTPS, you must perform a domain name change. It is necessary to prepare well so that action. It is you for example need to update your address with all the services associated with your site as Webmaster Tootls, Google Analytics and others, to change the external links that point to your site for setting up 301 redirects and internal links to pages conservation mesh and update web marketing ads.

Basically, then switch to HTTPS allows you to make the protection of user IDs, their personal data, privacy but also promotes the gain in performance, search engine optimization and popularization of encryption.

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