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Keeping all those moments in one place

Placing your images in one place is an integral element of your photo album, also called style. This is the most important element, in addition to the intrinsic quality of your photos: a messy layout, even with the most beautiful photos in the world, will give nothing spectacular. Instead, images of lower quality but put in an attractive manner will offer a rather beautiful collection. With you have the advice and special ways of keeping special moments in one place.

How to share your book with photographers?

Once you have saved your composition you can share it. Click on "Public" in the privacy section at the bottom right of the page, and then share the connection in various ways:

  • Sharing on social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Please write.
  • Copy the connect, and paste it.

They'll be able to contact your friends and relatives. If you click on "Yes" to enable the "Free to Buy" feature, they can also order it online to obtain a copy of quality paper at home. When making a picture calendar, you can perform these operations too.

Can your picture books be kept in digital form?

You can save your photo books and calendars, which are being created or completed, after creating your personal account on our photo album site for free. They are to be kept for an indefinite duration. These can be updated and replicated even after you have purchased one or more copies already. Isn't it simple?

Layout Preparation

By following step by step the instructions that will appear on the online creation software, you will create your photo book yourself from A to Z. Just click on the captioned images which will provide you with a variety of covers, sizes, various themes to incorporate as you see fit in your book. You can then incorporate the digital images stored on your computer, one by one or via a Text, PDF or PowerPoint file. This move will take only a few minutes if you select one of the templates that our graphic designer team has carefully prepared.

The output time and the delivery time

It just takes a few days before validating and getting your book at home. In fact, our latest generation of printers is at your service to process your order quickly in the format you wish. They are located in the Lille area, this proximity ensures quick and safe transportation as well as the possibility to connect with on-site technicians. If they see a question they'll call you.

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