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More shoppers are just using their mobile, are you ready ?

The mobile and tablet are becoming more space in the consumer's journey: 63% of consumers make their purchases after navigating multiple screens.

More and more consumers use their mobile

If during the explosion of e-commerce, Internet users have turned to their PCs to make their purchases online, they are now much more versatile: a user buys two as well in stores and online, using consecutively PC, mobile and tablet. These new practices should encourage online retailers to further customize the consumer experience with products and proposals according to their desires. Smartphones and tablets are very personal and sometimes intimate tools. New "Swiss Army knife" of consumers, these tools can be used both to compare prices, only to find a product, view customer reviews, or finalize a purchase. The tablet is gradually gaining ground as the leading mobile screen for shopping, its share in m-commerce is expected to increase accordingly.

The younger generation already in the era of multi-screen shopping
To hope to turn clicks into conversions, retailers must change the way they cater to consumers on various devices according to age groups. We must no longer think in terms of audience but in terms of customizing the experience. Consumers expect marketing it is personalized, instant and relevant. The younger generations are already entered into the era of "multi-screen shopping": 63% of 18-24 year olds and 66% of 25-34 finalize their purchase mobile after sailing on different screens, which is less the case - again - older age groups. While tablets have appeared there 6 years, 80% of tablet owners prefer this device to buy online.

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