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New high technology Hot Tubs

We sleep in an age of ubiquitous high-level technology. Case in point: You’re either reading this on your computer or on your smartphone, each in themselves a marvel of delicate electronics and precision engineering. We’ve come to depend upon our technology rely on our technology, expect a high degree of perfection from our technology in everything from our cars to our thermostats to our coffee makers.

High-tech bathtub features

High-tech hot tubs have all the razzle-dazzle you’re trying to find. They appear great, they sound great, and they’re easy to use. These are the qualities that help make your spa the showpiece of your backyard. Here’s a fast rundown of some notable high-tech features:

  • Entertainment Options. High-tech hot tubs feature powerful speakers with crystal-clear sound. They’re designed to offer you ideal sound quality whether you’re pumping in jams from Spotify on your phone, taking note of a replacement episode of your favorite podcast, or streaming the sport as you agree into your soak.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity. Cables and cords belong within the same museum as your Walkman. High-end small hot tubs for salecan connect wirelessly to your phone, laptop, or home assistant via Bluetooth, letting you hear what you would like without fear about getting your electronics wet. Since many of those devices are now voice-activated, you'll change the song or lower the quantity with a word. Your wish is your spa’s command.
  • Remote Monitoring. Thermal spring Spas offers Connection, a mobile app that permits bathtub owners—and their local dealers to remotely monitor their spa. With this subscription service, you and your dealer can adjust your spa’s temperature, monitor the filters and therefore the water care system, and be alerted to any potential service issues, even while you’re nowhere near your home.
  • Versatile Temperature Control. Another high-tech feature exclusive to thermal spring is that the Cool Zone System, which provides you the choice of lowering your spa temperature to as low as 60 degrees, then raising it copy again during a matter of a couple of hours.

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