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One developer used to have his favorite code development

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework optimized for the enjoyment of developers and sustainable productivity. As a framework, it provides a structure to the programmer that allows it to develop faster and more intuitively.

Our ror developers code in Ruby all the time! Because they love Ruby!

What they like about Ruby on Rails and why.

Its language: Ruby

Created by Matz. Yukihiro Matsumoto, of its real name, gave for objective to increase the productivity and the pleasure of developers by creating the Ruby language.For us it is more than successful! From its clean syntax and understandable to the principle of least surprise.

Its philosophy

RoR respects the principle of "Convention over Configuration". This means that default behavior is for a maximum of functions, it is so configured that what comes out of these conventions. An immense advantage according to us, because this principle avoids a large number of choice to the developer and allows him to focus on the essential: the solution itself.


Ruby on Rails is also a growing community of developers, today representing more than 2,300 contributors on github. This is a free, so everyone can participate in its improvement by proposing amendments. Rails also has its range of plugins called "gems" in the world Ruby. We benefit our projects and want in the near future, to benefit the community of our contributions.

The pleasure of working with this tool

If we consider pleasure as essential is that we are convinced that it directly impacts our motivation, our application and effectiveness. What could be better than working with a tool like that !?

Real tool for developing rich web applications functionality and interactivity , its many qualities have led us to specialize in this FrameWork for the development of innovative and dynamic websites.

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