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What are the normal price for a webdesign ?

When looking for a web design, you can look to several "classes" of web designers : the digital agency, freelance web designer, the amateur often found at the corner of a forum.
First, the web design company or freelance web designer are declared as a company and are therefore legal. Usually these people are qualified but the minimum is to take a look at the portfolio of the agency (all are not necessarily competent) and more to the portfolio of a freelance graphic designer. Just because everyone can proclaim himself a web designer without having real skills.
In contrast, an amateur found via a forum is generally not declared and will tend to do that to train and make some money.All the problem is there : a communication agency will charge a webdesign minimum around $ 700 for a home page, a freelance web designer with fewer accrual can afford to charge the same home page a little cheaper, let 500 $. The beginner who wants to train by getting some money will sell him around $ 50. For the webmaster or the customer it is often the way to have a webdesign for almost nothing, in other words even free ! But it is rarely "good webdesigns". The best solution for a beginner is not selling his designs at first, already for the sake of quality.

How to establish a price?

First, to $ 50, it's not worth it, so keep it and show it on forums, but generally less than $ 400, better is not to accept the offer. And the risk is bigger because the competent and experienced persons also lose customers and market prices then become unstable.

Here the magic formula of freelance web designer:

(Day Rate × Number of days) + Transfer Tax Rate = delivery

The price depends on the following criteria: transfer of rights, the time it takes and staff costs. To achieve this, we may charge a design to $ 400 if it requires very little time, on the contrary a very complex and very long webdesign will be charged much more.

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