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What is the grammar of php ?

PHP is the most currently used by developers of web application language. This is easily explained with the many benefits that this language provides. Obviously, being a specialized language, PHP has its own grammar good at it that it will necessarily understand before using. This applies to both as well for professionals in the field as enthusiasts.

A language primarily

It goes without saying that since PHP is a scripting language both general and open source, it has its own grammar. It is therefore a specific application specific words will follow too. Obviously, there is a list of different operators is available for all to use PHP grammar. Only professionals like php development company can use other types out of this list. In any case this list in question is directed primarily to fans in the area.

A list of operators

Topping the list of PHP grammar, there slashes (//), pound (#) and star-slash (/ * ... * /). Their function is to review some of the PHP code. Then there is the semicolon that will serve mainly to highlight the end of a statement. There is also the arithmetic operators that serve mainly to calculations against the code. Of course, the assignment operators will follow in order to affect the value of the right in the left variable. The increment and decrement operators's role, as the name suggests, pre-increment or post-variable increments. There is also the comparison operators to compare two values. The point, meanwhile, will be used to concatenate strings. A single comma separates the arguments of a function when calling or statement. It will also serve as separator values ​​in a table. The addition of the mandatory requirements will be made by the logical operators. Negation in the grammar will see an exclamation mark. Also, the double quotes delimit a string. As for the backslash, it will highlight a particular behavior.

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