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What's negative seo ?

If the SEO can help you improve your positioning in search engines, it can also be a lethal weapon for the destruction of your WebSite. Indeed, there are several techniques that malicious people use to damage the SEO of your website. This is called nseo or negative seo.

Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms so that quality sites are the only ones in the first position and that sites that do not conform to their recommendations remain poorly referenced. NSEO and will build on these penalties to impact most negatively can the SEO of your site. This is done by duplicating your content by SEO suroptimisation thereof, by backlinks mass and irrelevant, by content farms by spamdexing, cloaking and others.

How to know if your website is being bullied?

Three signs that your site is suffering from negative SEO. Either there is a sudden drop of your site in search engines. Either your website know a fuck unexplained and important traffic. Either Google will alert you by showing you that your website does not follow good SEO practices. If you notice any of these signs is that you do not have to worry.

How to fight your negative SEO?

To fight against the NSEO, you must first properly secured your site or even change provider if necessary. You should also perform regular checks of your content and your ficihers while removing all the changes that the hacker made. You can use these websites to locate on the links pointing to your site and disable them if you find they interfere with SEO it.

How to prevent the NSEO?

It is always better to prevent than to cure. To do this, you can secure your site during its creation, check your backlinks while always keeping an eye on your traffic sources, monitoring constantly your content, link your social networking profiles with your website and practice the white hat to have a good SEO.

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