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Apache and Nginx can be used in production with ROR

Knowing how to choose the tool is surely the best alternative in order to have perfect results. This is just as true when it comes to application development. In the case of RoR, which is one of the most widely used development tools, its attractions are numerous and knowing them will allow us to better understand the tool. In this case, we will talk about integration of the use of Apache and Nginx which will enhance the quality of the result.

Ruby on rails first

Clearly, ror developers use ruby ​​on rails as a development tool thanks to its many advantages. As a reminder, ror is a framework based on the ruby ​​language. It was designed under two basic principles namely the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself as well as the convention over configuration. Everything in the design of this tool goes in the direction of efficiency and originality. It should be noted that ror is one of the fastest development tools in the field. Many advantages include structure, migrations, use of ORM, specification of work in three environments, development security, and the use of caches and tests. Also, a javascript library will be present by default through the use of ror.

With Apache and Nginx

It should be noted that ROR is a server-side tool which means that the product site will see the execution of its code on a server in order to produce HTML. In this context, it will be possible to use the Apache server and Ngnix in line with the use of ROR. As a reminder, Apache is the most used server on the internet. This server will be in the form of an application running on the majority of current operating systems. As for what is Ngnix, it is also a server that has the specificity of being asynchronous. Unlike synchronous servers that see each query processed by a dedicated process. Instead of using a parallel architecture as well as a time multiplexing, Nginx, will change states in order to use several different connections at the same time. All the specificities of each server will be taken into account with ror to make it accessible to all.

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