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Do you know the open source for Magento ?

From the first beta versions published in 2007, this tool - supported by the US publisher Magento Inc. - generated phenomenal buzz, globally, allowing to unite in record time an extremely active community. In July 2008, Magento wins the trophy for "Best New Open Source Project" hosted by SourceForge , Inc. Spread initially exclusively under OSL license, Magento has succeeded right out to capture a large market segment. In April 2009, Magento has announced the release of Enterprise version. The latter, for an annual fee, incorporates a number of additional features and support contract.

The solution is based on the PHP Zend framework and has a large number of innovations in participatory features.

The strength of Magento

Magento's strength lies in its modularity and robustness. It has clearly been designed to wear ambitious merchant sites and scope with features such as: advanced categorization, product family definition, management of configurable products, features, cross-selling and up-selling, promotions powerful engine , multi-store management, advanced management of currency and VAT rates, etc.

Magento is a rich and complex e-commerce platform. Its main strength is the scalability of the solution, the architecture is thought to make any extensible and overridable. But is needed a big technical competence to extend and customize the solution. Strong servers are also needed to run the whole. The administration of the shop is not a model of ergonomics or a model of simplicity. Indeed Magento is complex, but it offers a package of interesting features for e-trader. Based on the solid Zend framework, Magento is a technical source of inspiration. Its modular architecture MVC, its database in EAV, its management "layouts", its "observers", its system of "dataflow" ... in fact an extensible platform to perfection. You can simply do everything provided to put adequate technical resources.

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