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We give up on PHP 5 for PHP 7 !

As php development company, we also chose to follow the trend and now use PHP 7 to satisfy even more customers. Much will that all developers want to adopt.

The reasons to use PHP 7 for its development

Since PHP 7 arrived, the developers have also received a wonderful Christmas present. These were actually impatient for a few months before the launch of this new version because it surely promises even more performance than its little sister.

Obviously PHP is entirely popular with web developers. If at the time of its creation by Rasmus Lerdorf, it still meant Personal Home Page.

Since, this programming language has fully matured and almost essential and become a tool for the development of a website. His performance was more that improved especially through the new generation of engine with PHP twice as fast as PHP 5.6.

This new language also allows you to directly appeal to the explicit typing for scalar type. Since the time, PHP then integrates such hints. This means that you immediately get a warning if a value is not responding to the type hints in addition to the management of type declarations back. It is then you can ensure the consistency of the results of those methods and functions.

PHP 7 also knows other new operators including null coalesce operator and the operator spaceship. The first is to ensure the existence of the assessed value and also ensures that it is not zero. The value in question will be returned. Otherwise, it will be an alternative value will be returned. As for the spaceship operator, it determines whether the value is greater, equal to or less than another.

In the object-oriented model, classes are usually explicitly declared and are instantiated object. PHP 7, you can also declare anonymous classes.

If you are then tempted by this new version, feel free to use our services.

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