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How to protect your code with Magento ?

Magento is probably one of the most widely used software. Specially designed for the management of e-business, it has been refined to be both practical, efficient and easy to use. Of course, its many benefits are that the concept is as popular now not to mention all its features. Regarding the latter, protection code will be waiting for you, making the software even more attractive.

Magento: benefits everywhere

Being a software being performed by specially magento developers, Magento is important in its many qualities. We can first of all talk about multi-boutique platform when referring to magento. In fact, with this software, it is possible to perfectly manage multiple e-commerce sites with a single interface. The administration of all sites will be simple, practical, besides being accurate. This advanced management at all levels will crack too. Of course, content management will be all optimized. product sheets, for example, will be more open with more images to be inserted for each record. It goes without saying that the options like research will also be simpler and more effective. In addition, several types of licenses were taken out as the EC is open source and the EE is intended for businesses.

Protecting code with Magento

Of course, when using a concept, the security should be also emphasized. With Magento, it is possible to effectively protect its codes. This will increase even more benefits. The goal is to avoid the harm impacting directly on the company's image because an internet across a browsable directory. Before then, it will change the permissions of files that you want to hide somehow Linux. The way to change these rights will be the .htaccess file. Obviously, it will be possible to make a message "folder inaccessible" and a link that takes the user to the home page thereafter. Optionally, a 301 redirect destination of the homepage will also be an option.

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