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How to protect your datas on a website ?

Your digital identity makes you unique on the web. It consists of your IP address, Internet Protocol (ID of the computer on the network), your email address, your accounts on social networks, shopping sites, your certificates, like the one assigned to you to pay your taxes ligne. You may be using an avatar to play online, you may have opened a blog, bought or sold on e-Bay ... These elements can be traced on the web, some precautions are necessary .

Some tips

Here are some tips given by ours ruby ​​on rails developers.

  1. To cover his tracks of browser history , management parameters in functions " Clear Recent History " and " Clear history when closing".
  2. There are also many alternative browsers, Internet Explorer hounded less (50% market share), as Mozilla Firefox (31%), Google Chrome (12%), Safari (4%) or Opera (2%) .
  3. Additional information is collected through cookies, these files placed on your computer by the server that provides the page in your browser. If they learn about your browsing (pages, links, queries, etc.), they are indispensable to manage connections sites. You can set your browser so that cookies are accepted but erased each time you exit your browser ( "Settings" then "Privacy"). Add free extensions offered by browsers (in "Preferences," then "Extensions") as Ghostery that can display - and delete - cookies advertising agencies. Adblock or Do Not Track Plus block banner ads.
  4. You can also stop the pop-up.
  5. You can activate tools warning that a site visited is listed as suspicious: for example, Firefox, "Settings", click "Security" and then check "Block attack sites" and "Block sites counterfeiting ". These settings are also available in Chrome or Internet Explorer. Similarly, the free WOT (Weboftrust), powered by a global network of online ( warns (with a red circle) when a website is poorly rated by the community.
  6. Finally, change your search engine.

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